We're going to need fresh ideas to tackle the problems Oklahoma County Faces

Accountability and Transparency to Taxpayers

Spencer believes that our county government should work for everyday Oklahomans. That’s why he supports more accountability in our county government. For too long our county taxes have been incorrectly prioritized by the same group of people and led to a dysfunctional county jail, dilapidated county courthouse, and out-of-date services. Spencer will take his experience in public administration, government, and non-profit work to ensure that every dollar is spent in the best way possible to help all citizens in Oklahoma County, not just a few.

The county jail has been a disaster since almost day 1. This has led to overcrowding, prisoner deaths, unsafe workplace environments, and unnecessary expenses. Spencer believes we need to build a new jail that will ensure that all Oklahoma County residents are safe and that our public safety officers can work in a secure environment. He also believes that we need to reform our laws so that non-violent offenders don’t crowd our prisons. Spencer will support programs that help people with mental health and drug addiction problems and not just send them to jail where they don’t receive treatment.

Build a New County Jail and Reform Our Criminal Justice System

Repair Our County Roads and Bridges

Spencer will ensure that our county roads and bridges are taken care of. He knows that rural areas depend heavily on these roads and that the new turnpike has caused millions in damage to our section line roads. The Oklahoma Turnpike Authority needs to partner with local governments to pay for the damages. His experience in government and public administration will allow him to work with experts to create the most accountable solutions to repair and build our county roads and bridges.

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